With millions of women being diagnosed with anxiety and depression every year, the question every single one of them desperately wants answered is: “Is my illness curable?”

Much to their disappointment, their doctors’ answer is “NO! You can’t heal anxiety or depression, but you can live “a normal way” when you take prescriptions and follow therapy.”

So they take prescriptions and attend years of therapy, but their “normal life” is far from normal.

They worry all the time as their brain never shuts down.

They can’t sleep so they need to take sleeping pills.

They don’t feel joy or happiness, their emotions are completely numb.

They are not present when they are with their kids or partners, snapping at them out of frustration and pain.

And they realize that therapy is just a waste of time and money.

Once their doctors and therapists fail them, they are frustrated and they are suffering so they start looking for other options:

* healthy food and diet

* supplements

* yoga and exercise

* meditation and mindfulness

* reiki healings and other healings

* hypnotherapy

* and anything they can dig up on Google

They sign up for online programs.

They read and research every possible thing out there.

….and they are still where they started…..

Karolyn, a mom of 3 beautiful kids, was one of these suffering women.

Her depression started after her first daughter was born. Fast forward – she was on and off anxiety/depression for long 17 years. In the past 5 years her anxiety got much worse …

She was waking up with a knot in her stomach everyday.

She was planning her days around anxiety.

She felt constant pain in her chest.

She didn’t plan any trips for her family and they were missing out on fun and memories.

She wanted to start her business for years but couldn’t.

She felt stuck. She felt suffocated.

And then one day….she watched an online webinar where this woman with an Eastern European accent explained the reason why even after decades of trying everything possible she still felt the same.

And she booked a free session telling herself: “What do I have to lose? It’s free and it’s just 1 hour of my time. What if this woman can really help?”

After we talked for about an hour, Karolyn FELT HOPEFUL. 

And in spite of being let down times and times again, having tried everything she could get her hands on, Karolyn told me “Let’s do it!” and jumped feet first into my Becoming Happiness program.

4 weeks later she was anxiety-, pain-, and prescriptions-free!

I chatted with Karolyn recently about not only her journey to happiness and health but also about the amazing business opportunities that opened up for her after she felt joy and inspiration again.

These days, Karolyn is excited to be a happy mom and a happy wife. She has changed not only her life but also the life of her family. She got an amazing opportunity at work, her business is growing and her family is planning trips that they hadn’t even thought about before.

And as she shared with me privately, she knew she had to do this not only for herself, but also for her children, so they never feel helpless and depressed as she felt when fighting anxiety.

Take the time to watch, and then, if you, much like Karolyn, tried everything you could possibly imagine to get your health back, schedule your free Breakthrough call with me to see if an anxiety-, depression- and pain-free life is a possibility for you.