FACT#1: In the year 1987 there were only 1.25 million people in US on disability due to mental illness compared to 61 million people TODAY!!!!

FACT#2: Bio-pharmaceutical research companies are currently developing more than 119 new medicines to treat anxiety, depression, bi-polar and other mental disorders.

If the prescriptions were working, why would we more research?

If the prescriptions and therapy was working, why would the numbers of people with mental illness be SOARING?

There is NOTHING more debilitating than after years of battling anxiety or depression and prescription side-effects, hearing your doctor saying: “Let’s try this prescriptions now, this may work finally.”

There is NOTHING more debilitating than after years of therapy that ate your family budget, hearing your therapist saying : “There is nothing more I can do for you.”


Educate yourself, so you can start TAKING YOUR LIFE BACK.

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Because life is too precious to spend it just as a number in the statistics.