Would you let a 4 year old run around the house with a sharp knife? Just hoping they won’t get hurt?
You wouldn’t, right?
Well, that’s exactly what millions women are doing when they think the fears and anxiety that is controlling their whole life is going to disappear or get better somehow….
It won’t. It never will.
The mind is POWERFUL.
The mind is SMART.
The mind is BEAUTIFUL.
The paradox is that all those years you have been feeling anxious, worried, frustrated and HATING YOUR MIND for the emotions it has been causing you, THE MIND “thinks” it serves you. It “thinks” that the anxiety and fear is the experience you choose and desire in your life.
And while you have been trying to
  • numb it with prescriptions,
  • distract it with being busy and work,
  • fix it with never-ending therapy
And while you have been
  • crying desperately wishing for the misery to stop,
  • praying to be free of the fears,
  • reciting affirmations to think positively,
The MIND has been stubbornly sticking to it’s program making you feeling anxious, worried and miserable.
Because THE MIND doesn’t respond to logic, prayers or wishful thinking.
Because THE MIND “thinks” that feeling anxious, worried and miserable is what you want!
And you will feel the same way as I do once you remove the Negative Emotional Blueprint, that is SPECIFIC TO YOU and that is causing all your FEARS, WORRYING THOUGHTS, ANXIETY, PANIC ATTACKS.
All women who reach out to me for help hate their mind, the fears, the knife-twisting anxiety symptoms, the daily pain… and they hate their mind (I’m certain you do too…)
All women who go through my 8 weeks program of removing the anxiety, and fears , LOVE THEIR MIND!
  • They are fear free and LOVE the peace of mind they are experiencing everyday!
  • They are symptoms free and LOVE the freedom and joy of living!
  • They are worry free and LOVE their new creative ideas and “nothing is impossible” thoughts their mind is sending them!
8 weeks.
That’s all it takes.
And 100% determination to make it happen for yourself.
Nobody can do it for you.
No book. No pill. No supplement. No other band-aid.
(Ouch, right? because that means there is no one to blame, and no one to point fingers to…JUST YOU.)
Are you ready to finally start LOVING YOUR MIND AND YOUR LIFE?
If yes, schedule a call with me. Because you wouldn’t let a 4 year old running around a house with a sharp knife, would you?