“My greatest fear is that I will never be the person I was meant to be.” a close friend told me.


He is like millions of other brilliant, smart entrepreneurs – hard working every day, motivating himself constantly to do more and be better, and buying more and more self-improvement courses so he can be a better person.


Hoping that one day once he reaches his big goals, he will be the person he was meant to be.


Do more. Achieve more. Be more.


Hoping that that day will bring him finally the peace of mind and feeling of aliveness he craves so much.


In today’s world, it’s like a disease. Executives and entrepreneurs are constantly being driven by visions of being a better person. Trapped in the collective consciousness of not being enough, not having enough, not feeling enough. Hoping that the next big achievement will finally calm the unease and fill the void.


It won’t.


The physical mind is an infinite source of self-perpetuating beliefs that drives their feelings of being not enough.


If they are not feeling enough today, they will not feel enough when they will achieve their next goal.


Or the one after that.


The only way to free yourself from that madness is to learn who you truly are by unlearning who you have been taught to be.


Do you know who you truly are? 


Without your name?

Without your current identity?

Without your spouse?

Without your friends?

Without your social circle?

Without your clients?


If you strip all those away from you, do you know who you are?


Majority of leaders and entrepreneurs have no clue.


And therefore they run around in circles trying to fit in the demands of their clients, settling for conditional love, and attention with their socially accepted behaviour.


They fragment themselves into millions of pieces just to fit in.


Terrified to be who they truly are.


Not even knowing who they truly are.


Being imprisoned in the illusion of the physical mind that keeps them believing who they need to be in order to survive in the society. Constantly fitting in the personality they have developed over the years that “keeps them safe”.


They have created their own prison, locked themselves mentally and emotionally into their idea of being.


They have created a prison of doubts they own that are out of touch with the validity of their own existence.


Not being yourself is the most exhausting thing to do. Not being yourself is a sure path to stress, anxiety and depression.


There is so much more for you out there and you are better than that!


You are a maverick who lives to your own beat and is inseparable from your calling.


It’s time for you to materialize your visions effortlessly and easily.


You no longer need a permission to be who you are.


You no longer need to re-think what to say so you are liked by those who don’t understand your vision.


You no longer need to fear failure and staying on the socially accepted path.


You no longer need to second-guess your ideas.


You were born to be a fearless leader who inspires others by the audacity of your ideas and the intensity of your passions.


There’s really no one stopping you from being your true self other than yourself!


Go all-in on who you are.


  • Unhook yourself from the false identity your physical mind has created for you.


  • Unhook yourself from the collective beliefs that have been telling you who you needed to be.


  • Unhook yourself mentally and emotionally from conditions you have created for yourself that tell you how you need to be.


  • Become free of your old normalized mental and emotional patterns.


  • Separate yourself from the mind that is driving you into the old habitual thoughts and actions.


When you do, you  become one with the void.


When you do, you get to the point zero of your existence.


That’s how you become who you were always meant to be.


You get in touch with your own power.




Peace of mind is your normal state.


You radiate joy as you move, dance, and play through life.


Excitement and passion drives your actions.


You lead with unbreakable confidence that magnetizes and inspires others. 


You laugh at the audacity of your dreams and desires.


And you know you have what it takes to achieve it.


Easily and effortlessly.