Women WASTE THEIR LIFE chasing and fixing TRIGGERS instead of focusing on what the REAL PROBLEM is.

They think they need to change jobs because the current one is giving them anxiety, throwing them into the web of overwhelm and symptoms every day…..

….so they find a new job, only to find themselves with the same level of anxiety (if not even higher) a few months later.

They think they need to see a marriage counselor, to make their spouses open up more, to teach them how to give more emotional support, to help them be more compassionate (and argue and fight less)….

…so they drag their spouses to counselling, only to find out (a few months and a couple of thousand dollars later), that communication with their spouse is below a freezing point and the only possible option seems to be a divorce.

They think their kids need more stimulation, social activities, and confidence, because they are too serious, always in their heads, too negative and get aggravated and angry easily…..

….so they run around from one social activity to another, checking with other moms how their kids are becoming anxious too and researching the best possible prescription “to manage” their children’s fears and insecurities.

I’ve been doing this long enough to see it all.

Women wasting their life, marriage, career, relationships with kids because of CHASING triggers.

It’s not their fault.
Nobody tells them.

Their spouses tell them to fix themselves.
Their friends tell them to “hang on” because it’s life and life sucks.
Their parents tell them to try harder.
Their doctors give them more prescriptions.
The society tells them to buy the latest, “most featured and loved-by-everybody” band-aid….(weighted blanket, cbd oil, step counter, meditation app…the choices to spend their money on band-aids are endless)

So, here is the TRUTH.


A trigger is a connection between the CONSCIOUS MIND (all the things you are focusing on) and the UNCONSCIOUS MIND (the buried negative emotions).

……and the buried negative emotions are something YOU ARE NOT AWARE OF…..that’s why we call it UNCONSCIOUS.


Those who understand the relationship between triggers and the unconscious,

Those who understand that chasing after triggers and symptoms is like running a marathon on a hamster wheel,

Those who understand that all the band-aids are not only a waste of money, but more importantly a waste of health and life,

Those women realize that every day of their life is PRECIOUS.

Those women do what’s right for them. They refuse to be slaves to triggers and band-aids anymore and they start removing their anxiety and fear from THE ROOTS.

* They remove their depression and negative thoughts and start travelling, LIVING their life fully,

* They remove their anxiety and panic attacks and enjoy everyday adventures with their families,

* They stop living in a prison of their heads (and their houses) and start working, getting their FREEDOM and CONFIDENCE back.

Those women whose journey I had a privilege to be a part of are average women who made a decision to take their health and happiness back. Will you be the next one?

The CHOICE of keeping chasing the triggers or removing the fears and symptoms the right way is YOURS. Are you ready to stop chasing the triggers and start LIVING FULLY?

If yes, let’s talk.