Becoming Happiness™

The only fast-acting, drug-free, anxiety-busting way guaranteed to get rid of your anxiety, stress, and insomnia.

So that

You can have your peace of mind and radiating self-esteem back


Signing up for yet another yoga class, or renting a meditating cave in Tibet

Even if

You have tried “everything” under the self-improvement sun

Your friends are looking up to you. To them, you are Wonderwoman in disguise, always having everything under control, managing a high-demand job and a household, planning birthday parties and family trips, and responding to any request for help or emergency that comes up. You are always there for everybody, always on the top of the game.

Little do they know that:

Between the kids’ needs, your parents, siblings, and friends always needing to be rescued, the hardest-to-please boss, and on-call status at work, you cringe every time your phone rings.

Lately, you find it difficult to concentrate on all of them. At work, you think of home, and when you are at home, you think of work. Your health is being affected because you can’t get enough rest and you can barely keep afloat. Your house is a mess, your yard is overgrown, your laundry is piling up—but you just don’t care anymore. You feel like giving up. Sometimes you wonder, “Why is God punishing me?”

Your mind is constantly racing, being consumed with everything you need to do, should be doing, plan to do, didn’t do right, and things you didn’t do at all. On a top of it, a constant feeling of guilt is present.

“Everyone else can do this. Why can’t I?” “Why did I yell so much today?” “Why I don’t feel like talking to my kids now?” You often cry out of frustration because you hate all those thoughts and feelings. You feel emotionally drained and exhausted. You can’t sleep. You keep gaining weight. You feel lonely because you don’t feel support from your husband. You feel at times so many women have it all together, so you wonder, “What am I doing wrong?”

Recently, you have been experiencing anxiety attacks more often. 

It hits you first thing in the morning when you start thinking about your day, and you hate that feeling! It feels like you are losing your mind! Your heart is racing, and you are shaking very badly. You don’t know if you can do this anymore. And you are so tired. You just want to crawl up back in bed and stay there for a couple of weeks . . . or forever. You are asking yourself, “How do I get through this?”

The other day you had just another fight with your husband and your kids pushed you over the edge, so you wanted to leave the house and escape away from everything teetering between sanity and insanity.

You feel sad and tired, and you feel lonely. You are just so done. You feel like you are dying slowly because of all the stress. You can’t even think about having a hobby. You used to love doing so many things: writing, painting, dancing. You want to be a mother and a wife, but you also want to take a break to enjoy love—but how will that ever happen?

Does any of the above sound like your life?

What if you don’t have to know how it will happen? What if all you need to do is to take the first step? What if taking the first step today is the beginning of your new life, a life you wake up refreshed, energized, and being your brilliant self again?

“Daniela, the day I found you is one of the days my life became magical. You have changed my life. Thank you for supporting me. You are my family most days.” LC, United States


Before you take the first step, here are my no-one-talks-about, sanity-intact advices. Please IMMEDIATELY:


Throw away the latest productivity app you installed on your phone, “helping” you to be more productive and more time efficient. It’s just pushing you more over the edge, perpetuating your already skyrocketing feeling of anxiety and despair.


Stop listening to the countless free advice on how you should think positively. It won’t work—it never works. If it worked, you would have already woken up with a radiant smile on your face. If it worked, you would have already fallen asleep with a heart full of gratitude for your day and for people who are in your life.


Stop trying to figure out how the other women do it, how they are managing it. Guess what? They are not! They put on the happy face in the morning so they can go through the day, but in reality, they are suffering from depression, anxiety, panic attacks, migraines, and mysterious illnesses that won’t go away. Out of desperation, they are purchasing dozens of self-help books and reading articles on how to succeed in career and be a good parent, how to be more productive, and how to be loving partner and have happy life that leave them even in a deeper feeling of despair than before.


Do not listen to any of the “expert” advice on how you should “pamper yourself,” “walk in nature,” or “do yoga” so you can feel better. Those are what I call “stress busters” that work temporarily, but once you are back home or at work, you feel the walls closing in again, preventing you to breathe.

You need a permanent solution that will bring you peace of mind.

You need guaranteed-to-work tools that will break the vicious cycle of exhaustion and anxiety.

Are you tired feeling alone and misunderstood?

Are you tired wearing a fake smile plastered on your face?

Are you tired crying your eyes out in the car when you are alone?

Are you tired feeling emotionally drained and exhausted?

Are you tired of pretending living a perfect life when, in fact, you are feeling depressed inside?

If yes, then my Becoming Happiness program is just FOR YOU!

Becoming Happiness is the shortest and most effective way to be the happiest version of yourself. The simple tools I will be sharing with you are as effective as your mom’s chicken soup recipe and are guaranteed to give you a peace of mind, freedom, and joy you deserve.

Here is how my cutting-right-to-the-chase advice will get you feeling free and falling in love with your peaceful, joy-filled life again:


Save yourself 10+ years of joyless life using the most effective tools of the psychology of the self. It’s the fastest way to release yourself from a daily death grip of frustration and depression. It’s time to enjoy your happy place, where your kids will be happy to have the best mom in the world to spend time with and your husband will have his cheerful wife back.

“Daniela, it’s been only few days and I can’t believe how empowered I feel! I think more clearly and feel more free to say what I think and really want. And my husband told me I look happier. He keeps asking me about this program. I’m so grateful for having met you!” KS, United States


Discover the real eye-opening reasons causing your anxiety and start removing the dreaded feeling starting day 1! I will teach you the only drug-free way to remove your anxiety for good so you can enjoy the rest of the life feeling free and full of energy and inspiration again.

“Daniela, after yesterday’s session, I have tears in my eyes, but it is like tears of relief because honestly I didn’t know if my anxiety would ever go away and now it is easing up already! If you weren’t so far, I would come over and kiss you!” AS, United States


Bypass the stubborn logical mind that is turning your nights into an unspeakable and lonely nightmare due to insomnia as you are desperately trying to stop the rushing flow of negative self-criticizing and ever-worrying thoughts. Finally, get a deep restful sleep and wake up excited to dive into each day. Yes, even on Mondays.

“Daniela, this program works. Today is Day 2, and after following the rules from Day 1, I felt like I was on vacation and I effortlessly had one of the best night’s sleep  in a long time! It may have even cured my insomnia. Thank you!” TQ, United States


Imagine your new happy life!

  • Waking up and finding yourself humming your favorite song feeling secure, supported, and, most importantly, rested and refreshed.
  • Feeling inspired during the day, being focused and productive without a twinge of anxiety creeping in.
  • Brushing your kids’ silky hair out of their eyes as they talk about their rough day at school without worrying that the conversation will erupt into a yelling match.
  • Having time doing what you used to love and feeling more and more inspired to do even more. Writing, painting, dancing—what would it be?
  • Hearing the sound of your husband’s voice as he is being amazed at how happy and confident you are.
  • Fitting in your favorite party dress and radiating beauty and self-confidence as the stubborn belly fat and acne are no longer a part of your life.

From Knife-Twisting Anxiety to Mind-Blowing Life

Meet Ally. When Ally came to me, she was, in her words, “emotional mess.” She was far from being happy, fighting her lifelong anxiety every day and nightmares at night, being hunted by the constant self-degrading negative thoughts of not worthy of love and of being happy. She told me her life is like a joke.

On the outside, it looks like a fairy tale, living in a dream house immersed in beautiful green nature, having two beautiful kids, having a husband who was running a highly successful business, and vacationing at the most beautiful places with her family. But inside, she was crying.

She was tired, she was confused, she wasn’t feeling loved, and she was feeling alone. Although she was a smart, talented woman with a master’s degree, her self-esteem plunged to the lowest level possible. She couldn’t take the daily fighting and arguing with her husband.

She was tired and frustrated by not knowing how to help their kids with their emotional issues. She was taking anxiety pills, which, according to her, didn’t seem to help her manage her anxiety at all. She was drinking her emotions in ten Cokes a day. She was putting on more weight and hating her skin full of acne.

It didn’t matter what she did. Life seemed to be a constant battle, and there was nothing that could help her to bring joy into her life.

The real problem was what Ally described as her “normal childhood” and series of life events she had experienced caused some really negative beliefs and feelings internalized in her mind and body. Since these beliefs and feelings were left unchecked, they became her self-fulfilling prophecies, causing her daily anxiety, physical pain, and soul-crushing thoughts full of guilt, feeling alone and wanting to run away from her marriage.

Here are Ally’s results after working with me for 5 months in my program:

  • She was free of her anxiety within the first 3 months (which her doctor confirmed by taking her off the anxiety pills after long 14 years).
  • She stopped having an urge to drink a Coke and lost 15 pounds effortlessly.
  • She was amazed how her skin cleared out so quickly without even addressing her skin issues. She told me before she had tried everything before, even prescription drugs, and nothing had worked.
  • Her husband was amazed by the positive changes in her. He loved her being happier and was more attentive to her. The arguments and fights in their marriage stopped within the first 2 weeks of the program.
  • After decades of resistance and telling herself she was not good enough, she started doing what she loved as a little girl: writing!
  • Her pre-teen son who had suffered a major traumatic event that resulted in a social anxiety and 2-year-long social isolation (a.k.a. spending the whole time playing videogames in his room) started interacting with his peers again, getting interest in learning, and excelling in school projects!
  • Her family started spending and enjoying more time together. They started riding bikes, playing tennis, and kayaking. In her words, they were having fun now!


2 “not so innocent” lies I was telling myself that were making me struggling to keep my head above water day after day

One thing that I discovered when exploring the psychology of the self is that underneath all the logical “This will never work for me” or “Life is hard and I just need to accept it” and other constant rushing negative self-talk are 2 beliefs keeping me stuck and perpetuating my frustration:


“I can’t do it. Other people can, but it’s too hard for me.”


“I’m scared. I’ve already tried other things that didn’t work out. I’m scared I may fail again, and then I will feel even more depressed than now.”


When people fail, it’s not because they can’t do it. It’s just that they didn’t have the right information and tools available to succeed.

Some people keep doing the same things over and over—reading an e-book or article on the Internet, following really vague advice—and then they end up disappointed for not seeing the results they had expected.

The truth is that with the right steps and the right tools, people start seeing massive positive results in removing their emotional or physical pain almost immediately. I’ve seen it in my life and in my clients’ lives.


“Life is hard. Happiness is not for me. I’m destined to feel miserable.”


“I’m not worthy to be happy. I’m not good enough to be happy.”


There is no God who is punishing you for who you are or for your past mistakes. Everything people keep telling themselves is because they were taught to think that way.

People have constant self-criticizing thoughts about themselves that drive them into a deeper feeling of depression. It’s a vicious circle that is impossible to break on its own.

When people understand their worth, that they are good enough for everything good that this life can offer, when they understand that they need to make the first step to change the vicious pattern of self-degrading thoughts, then the magic happens. Anxiety and depression disappear, chronic pain is gone, and people are free to feel the everyday happiness.

“Daniela, you appeared on my Facebook one day with a suggestion I could try to help me sleep, which worked incredibly well. Your post was so full of love and light, not wanting anything from me, only to give. That feeling I got from you was probably one of the most beautiful, pure, exquisite demonstrations of unconditional love I’d ever encountered and it was from a complete stranger (though I know you now). The advice and tools you have given me over the few weeks were so simple, yet the magnitude of the changes that have taken place in me personally and in my life has been astounding.

  • My life is now an adventure instead of worrying. I have no worrying thoughts whatsoever. I am learning and enjoying every single day!
  • It’s hard to describe but I feel so much more detached, like a knowing that all is well. No anxiety, no trouble to fall or stay asleep. I feel so much lighter and freer, not trying to control everything like I did before. It’s been a wonderful unfolding, something I had never considered or even understood before.
  • At work, I’ve doubled my commission. My manager gave me a substantial raise and a week later actually begged me to take on a promotion. I’m working less hours. The work is being done so easily. It’s like the inspiration is coming to me on its own. My co-workers come to me as though I am a friend/sister/mother loving me for who I am.
  • I am still amazed by the ripple effect of my well-being on my loved ones. For one, my husband is so much happier too, and he started a new job making about 30% more!  

Thank you for coming into my life at the exact moment I needed you! What a blessing you have been and are to me every single day! You don’t even know how many lives you have touched and helped along the way. I know, and I smile whenever I think about you. I turned 63 in April. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to see life from a better perspective. I love you, girl, from the bottom of my heart!” LM, United States

I’m not here to coach you how to be happy. I’m here to help you to Become Happiness!

Most coaches will prop you up, cheer you on, and motivate you. But I’m nothing like most coaches. I’m here for one reason only: get you results so become happy, relaxed and being your brilliant self again!

I know you are busy. But I also know you are paying the highest price possible for being busy – your health, your sanity, relationship with your husband and kids, missing out on enjoying fun time with your family and all the beautiful moments life has to offer.

Becoming Happiness is FOR YOU if YOU ARE:

  • tired of living in stress, frustration and anxiety a day after day and you are ready to MAKE a change TODAY!
  • committed to follow simple steps and tools I will be sharing with you so you start experiencing  massive POSITIVE LIFE-CHANGING RESULTS!
  • driven by positive results and excited to share the results with others TO BE AN INSPIRATION to your friends and family!