If there is one thing that this pandemic has taught us is that people have absolutely no control over their thoughts and emotions.


They react.


They react to the fear of the unknown, worrying about what will happen tomorrow, next week, or next month.


They react to other people’s fear and catastrophic predictions, whether they are listening to market analysts or business mentors.


They react because they see their revenue and profit plummet and the fear is overtaking them.


They react..…because that’s the only thing they have been taught.


Observing what is going on around them and reacting.


And when things are going fairly well, they still react by waiting for the other shoe to drop.


Living in fear.

Fighting obsessive worrying thoughts in their heads.

Numbing their feelings with a glass of wine at the end of the day, binge-watching Netflix, or with keeping themselves busy.


Hoping that the next day will bring them relief or a miracle.


When was the last time you felt joy?


When was the last time you felt fully alive?


You don’t need to keep doing what others are doing and what is not working, just because everyone else is doing it.


You have a brilliant mind.

You know you are capable of great things.

You have amazing creative ideas.


Why would you think who you truly are and what you are capable of has absolutely anything to do what’s going on around you?


One of the absolutely biggest gifts you can give yourself is not to react to other people’s thoughts and opinions and negative situations that are present in your life.


It’s only when you have a clarity of thoughts and emotions you can choose to create and to live from the place of empowerment.


It’s the place from where your mind is coming up with creative ideas.

It’s the place where you feel JOY and FREEDOM of being.

It’s the place where you thrive.

It’s the place where you feel invincible.

It’s the place where you are simply being yourself.


It can’t be seen until it’s being lived.


Getting there requires trust and a sprinkle of being crazy to think that there is another way, an easier and happier way of living.


Once you get there, you can’t go back. Because once you taste the real joy of living, you will not accept anything less.


Dare to be the anomaly.
Dare to feel the joy every day.