Often leaders and top-performers are being easily sucked into the euphoria of the latest motivational perks the world offers. Whether it’s a guru who pumps them up into an action, or the latest motivational app on their phone, the consequences of needing the motivation comes with an enormous price to pay. The temporary feeling high of adrenaline rush that may last for days or weeks, is eventually replaced with the feelings of exhaustion and emptiness.

They feel exhausted.

They feel like they hit an invisible wall.

So, they will look for another source of motivation, another guru or another tool; someone or something that will push them into the action.

The road of motivation is a long one.
The road of motivation always leads to a dead end.
The road of motivation will make them want to abandon their dreams and desires.
Sooner or later.

Everyday feels the same.
Life feels like a hustle.
Work feels like an effort.
They just don’t want to do it.
They have no drive.
The big visions they had are slowly and surely turning into vague memories.

So they do what they have been taught to be doing.

They become realistic.
They become reasonable.
They convince themselves to be grateful for what they have.
After all, they don’t want to be selfish for wanting more.
They settle and they kill their dreams.

The reason I am able to help people shift to feeling joy and passion at work, and outside of work, is because I don’t motivate.

I tell people the truth.

The truth liberates.


Go deep. Find your truth.


Strip away every thought and every emotion that keeps you functioning in the current mode of needing to push through, to hustle, and to effort. Stop being the person you have been taught you needed to be and start being yourself.
Find the truth of who you are in a deep core and what drives the big dreams you are having.


Being in a state of your natural state is more potent than any amount of motivation in the world. Being in a state of your true self is the most powerful force.

When you live from that state, you feel the flow, joy and passion in everything you do.

Build a lasting legacy by being yourself.


Dream big. Be Bold.


It’s just a game. So play it by your rules, have fun and win.


Feel clarity, joy and passion.


Every day.