“Mom, what if this is all just a dream?” my 8 yrs old son suddenly asked as I was tidying up after dinner one night. He was sitting on the sofa and contemplating life.


“What do you mean” I responded?


“All this. What if we are just dreaming and one day we wake up and realize it was all just a dream?” he continued.


“What do you think?” I inquired.


“It looks so real.” He added.


“So then maybe it’s real.” I responded.


“No. I think it’s just a dream.” he said.


“Keep asking those questions, and you’ll find your truth.” I finished the conversation as he went to play with his toys.


I know I’ve found my truth.


I had been intensively searching for the truth for the last 10 years.


Through my own experience I knew that living life being stressed and waking up with a twisted knot in my stomach and dreading my day was not normal.


I knew that feeling overwhelmed constantly fighting negative thoughts in my head worrying about what the future will bring was not normal.


I helped myself and in the past few years I had so much joy helping others to completely remove their often life-long and “incurable” anxiety, fears, or phobias. My clients were removing their chronic physical pain, getting off of prescriptions they had been on for years, and elevating their professional and personal growth by having complete clarity and peace of mind.


I could have been satisfied as my clients have been experiencing miraculous shifts to joy and full mental, emotional and physical health.


But I knew there was more. There was a depth within myself I longed to access.


The thirst for finding the truth is in my blood. For me, the truth is like oxygen.


I wanted to know the deeper truth.


I wanted to remember who I really was.


And I did.


Last year while the world was thrown into a pandemic; the virus, lockdowns and everything that came with it was not on the top of my mind.


Last year was by far the most challenging and yet the most rewarding year in my life. It was a year of massive upleveling of my consciousness, the year of immense mental, emotional and spiritual shift.


It was time for me to drop the fear-based beliefs of human existence, conditioning of powerlessness and total amnesia we function under. One by one, I was being forced to drop the fears and self-imposed limitations that anchor us to the fear-based 3D matrix:


  • Fear of abandonment
  • Fear of failure
  • Codependency
  • Beliefs that lack exists
  • Conditional “love”
  • and other bullshit humans are conditioned to



I suddenly became aware of all conscious and unconscious mirrors around me that were forcing me to see the truth and drop the limitations. No matter how much I was resisting, and wanting to keep what felt “safe”, the pain of staying in the matrix grid was bigger than any fear of the unknown and I was forced to surrender and drop everything that wasn’t the truth.


I became aware of who I was beyond my name, my identity, or my body.


I went beyond the physical mind.


I experienced astral travel.


I had an out-of-body experience.


I experienced the feeling of unconditional love; the force that is driving everything on this planet and doesn’t even come close to the definition of “love” we are being taught.


With a single thought my consciousness experienced an instant manifestation of “ALL THAT IS” – the feeling most people experience after transitioning into the non-physical realm. In that instant I felt how powerful our thoughts are and understood just how destructive and lethal negative emotions are to our system.


More than one time I experienced my consciousness being pulled inwards into the vast dark black void of nothingness that is a core of our existence. The point zero, the infinity of the creation.


There was more.


Because I activated more.


Without any drugs or stimulants. Just by wanting to know the truth.


Every time I asked for the truth, I received an answer.


With each day, and with every experience I remembered more and more who I truly was.


Beyond my mind. 
Beyond my body. 
Beyond my human existence. 


I’m not the person who I was a year ago.


I’m not the person who I was yesterday.


I can’t be.


I’m constantly evolving and dropping any limitations that have been anchoring me to the 3D matrix.


Whether I’m working, playing with my kids or doing chores around the house, I’m just being. I’m not reacting to outer conditions. Inside, I am still basking in the amazingness and power of creating all experiences – wanted and unwanted and I’m responding out of a profound knowingness that I created those conditions.


Whether in my personal life or a professional one, I make decisions using my inner knowing and wisdom. It always brings me unprecedented results.


I have complete trust and certainty in the future, falling asleep and waking up with a deep sense of peace and playful excitement about everything that’s waiting for me.


I’m seeing through the illusion of our human conditioning and I’m helping others do the same.


My clients are enjoying a life full of clarity and joy often after decades of suffering through mental, emotional and physical pain.


I teach my kids how to remove any fear or anxiety and shift to ease and joy within a few minutes.


You are never stuck where you are. You are where you are and not where you want to be because for decades you have been functioning on the same neuro-physical and emotional pathways that keep creating the same physical experience for you.


You create everything you experience ….every single thing!




Day by day.


Unconsciously. Not even knowing that you are doing it. Not knowing how.


All you know is that you are not satisfied with life, deep down you know there is more for you than going through the daily motions of life.


It’s time for you to massively uplevel your life, create freedom of time, pivot to joy and aliveness and achieve your personal and professional visions with ease.


How do you know it’s your time? 


  • You are smart, educated, you hold degrees and certifications and through your dedication, hard work and determination you have achieved a respectable level of success and created a comfortable life for yourself and your family. Despite all of it, you are not satisfied. For some time you have been secretly whispering to yourself “there’s got to be more to life than this.”


  • You are a high-achiever. You are used to excelling in everything you do and you have a natural “I can do it” attitude. You have read hundreds of books, and yet you haven’t found the answers for living a life of passion and joy.


  • You tend to be in your head and control situations and people around you. You are sharply reacting to anything that life throws at you, and even though you are proud of how you are able to handle everything, you are exhausted. You want to be able to have a complete clarity all the time, master your thoughts and emotions at will so you can make the best decisions for yourself and others in any situation.


  • Instead of fighting your negative thoughts and emotions and reacting to unwanted situations that show up in your daily life, you want to leverage the true power of it to leap forward to radically elevate your personal and professional life.


  • You have an immense vision and you want to use your gifts and talents to create a massive impact. You absolutely know you can achieve it if you just get out of your own way.


  • You want to feel the freedom of living and creating your personal and professional impact from the state of flow. You want to have an unshakeable chill mindset, feeling immense calmness of the present moment, yet having undeniable excitement about the future.


  • You want life to be fun.


This is not about positive thinking, motivation, gratitude, or mindfulness.


It’s about dropping everything you had been taught about who you are and how this world functions.


It’s about complete integration of your whole being and embodying the powerful node of consciousness you are.


It’s about physical embodiment and expression of your true being, the consciousness itself that is the driving force that makes the planets orbit around the Sun.


It’s about understanding the structure of our existence and using the tools and gifts you were provided with (and your human self is not being aware of) to effortlessly create the life you want and achieve your desires.


It’s about living a joyful and enriched life, the one you truly came to live for and embodying it fully this lifetime.


It’s about the Mastery of the Earth Experience. 


I work only with a hand-full private clients at a time and currently I’m looking to support 2 or 3 highly motivated top-performers who are ready to uplevel their personal and professional life by moving to feeling ease, aliveness and orgasmic joy.


If this feels like the next natural step for you, send me a message or schedule a call with me.


If not, lighten up and have some fun. Because one day, you’ll wake up from this dream and you’ll realize the truth of it all. That it was just a game you chose to play and you could have played it any way you wanted.


Welcome to the Planet Earth. <3