How often do you see people around you laugh? be carefree? do silly things?

The other day I went to pick up a few items from a store with my teenage daughter….I was being myself, I was carefree and I was happy….(oh, and I was singing to myself…)

My daughter looked at me and told me with a twinkle in her eye and a sprinkle of sarcasm: Mommy, you really need to learn how to behave in public!”

I answered laughing: “First of all, that’s not going to happen…. Second of all, do you want me to be a serious, dull, wrapped in her head mom?

She said: “No! Keep singing….”…and she laughed.

She knows that I was that kind of mom….because she knows my story,

Although she may not remember as she was too little at that time…

I was dull, not making jokes, not laughing,
I was serious, because life was “tough” and “needed to be taken seriously.
I was constantly wrapped in my head, no matter if I was home, or outside,
I was overthinking all the what ifs scenarios of my future and the future of my kids,
I was dreading the morning, dreading the responsibilities of the day,
I was tossing and turning at night, unable to stop the racing thoughts in my head,
I was crying in a bathroom when my kids were asleep and I was alone,
I was miserable, and ….
I was exhausted.

I tried so hard to be happy….
I really wanted to be a happy mom to my happy kids.

I ate healthy food and fresh berries to have energy,
I exercised 3 x a week to be fit,
I meditated,
I was going for walks,
I did affirmations,
I was telling myself “just think positively”,
I tried EFT, tapping on myself several times a day,
I recited mantras,
I spent thousands of dollars on naturopath visits and supplements orders,
I drank herbal teas….

But no matter how many “downward dogs” I did,
no matter how many “Happiness Is Your Natural State” self-help books I read (and trust me, I read hundreds!!),
no matter how many “miraculous” meditations on youtube I listened to…

The fears that were overtaking my entire state of mind, my body, my day, my life…were still present, controlling my daily life…

…and all those things I did served just like band-aids, giving me a false hope and making me to waste my days, weeks, months, years…. and life.

Until I changed what was THE REAL REASON of my daily stress, mid-night insomnia, and ever-present fears….I was being the person I was taught I need to be and my mind was holding onto that personality like a dog with a bone….

If you don’t know what happened to you, and what has caused you to go from carefree, happy, joyful, full of live, vibrant young girl to someone who battles anxiety and stress on a daily basis, watch my free masterclass.

If you watch the training and decide that you are done and finished with being a prisoner of your fears,
If you decide that YOU WANT TO FEEL JOY,
If you decide that YOU DESERVE to be YOU AGAIN,

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It’s time.