Perhaps it makes you compare yourself to others, telling you stories how:

you are not good enough,
you are not prepared enough,
you have no value and have nothing to offer to people,
you should be doing more and better,
you are not smart enough,
you don’t do enough,
you don’t try enough,

And perhaps it is bringing up stories from your past, telling you how

you are stupid,
you are fat,
you are ugly,
people don’t want to be around you, ..and how

Is that what your mind keeps torturing you with?

How long has it been telling you all those stories?
How long have you actually been believing those stories……and as a result…

Isolating yourself from people, hiding at home, 
Spending all mornings, or perhaps even days not wanting to get out of bed, 
Feeling paralyzed by even small tasks, like answering the phone, 
Not wanting to go to work, and perhaps even being out of work for weeks or months, 
Avoiding your kids, your husband, and just spending time in your bedroom…..?

How much POWER has your mind been having over you? And how long has it been controlling your every move?

Millions of women out there go through their days thinking they have it all figured out, they have it all under control, because

If they just keep busy, they will have full control over their mind……So, tell, me how long can they keep running like a hamster on the wheel before their body collapses?
If they just go through this day, things will get better…..So, tell me, how will it get better if it hasn’t gotten better in the last 5 years? or 10 years?
If they just keep fighting through the thoughts and anxiety, it will go away…..So, tell me, how come the anxiety hits them first thing in the morning, and the next day the fight starts all over again?

From what I’ve seen there are 2 groups of women: Those who settle for “keeping busy, fighting and figuring it out” and spend long years being controlled by their anxiety and depression symptoms, and THOSE, who deep down know that “THERE’S GOTTA BE MORE TO LIFE THAN THIS!”

If you belong to the second group, I have good news for you.


It’s not about how much you do, it’s ABOUT DOING IT RIGHT!
It’s not about working and pushing harder, it’s ABOUT DOING IT SMARTER!

And most importantly, it’s about not settling for the life of pain and symptoms, but

Laughing, joking, jumping, dancing – ENJOYING YOURSELF, 
Being confident and independent – BEING READY FOR THE DAY.

Living in fear is your mind’s doing; FEELING JOY AND EXCITEMENT about life is your birthright. 
If you are ready to claim it, and take your power back, 
If you are ready not to be controlled by your mind, but TO BE YOU,

Then schedule a call with me.

It’s time to experience life as your true self.