Remember who you were before you were taught who you need to be?


Remember how life was magical, full of fun and adventures, before you were told that life was a struggle and a serious business?


Remember how feeling loved was easy, before you were taught who you needed to be to deserve love?


Remember how trusting felt natural, before you were betrayed and you swore to yourself to never trust again?


Remember how laid-back you were, before you were taught you need to control everything to survive?


Remember how easily things happened to you, before you were taught that everything needs to be earned with a hustle?


Remember how you felt easy and natural before you were told you were rude and disrespectful?


With every hateful word, with every criticism, with every comparison, with every love withdrawal you hid that natural part of yourself.


You have normalized yourself to the version that feels safe in this world.


That feeling of safety is completely illusionary as every day you need to push harder, work harder, try harder…to keep that illusion of you alive.


To survive. 


The real you, the hidden you, the natural you is hidden. Deep down in yourself.


And the further more you are from your true natural self, the more pain and discomfort you are experiencing.


Stress. Worry. Anxiety. Overwhelm. Fear.


You had bought into an illusion and you have played that game long enough.


There is a way of living far different from what you have been taught.


Joy is being your natural state. 


Ease and flow is orchestrating your day.


You are feeling passion for life and excitement for more is running through your veins.


You are completely at ease in the present moment. 


You radiate an unbreakable confidence and ease of the wholeness of being you.


Nowhere to go. 


Nothing to prove. 


That world and way of living is available to you.


It’s available to those who are willing to go all in.


To go all in on being your true self.