I just need to take care of my kids first, they need me, I’m their mom. I need to give emotional support to my husband, he is working too hard. I know, I need to slow down a bit and start paying attention to my needs, to my pains, but I will, I promise. I just need to go through this day and then I’ll see…perhaps tomorrow I will be able to do a bit for me….

I just need to finish this project first, it’s too important for me now. I’ve already put in so many hours and energy into this one and I can’t let down other people. Once I cross everything off my to-do-list I will finally have time to rest a bit and take care of my myself.

I just need to make a dinner, clean the dishes, do a laundry, help kids with the homework and their projects. I need to be there for them now, they need me, they are having a tough time because they are … starting school, teenagers which is really tough age to be, preparing for university, looking for job, need me to help them with their babies…..

Do you see the pattern? Do you see the self-destruction?

There were times well meaning people told us that we were not important enough, we needed to be there for others, we needed to sacrifice our time and energy. And that we can’t be thinking about our selfish needs. And if we are, we are not good moms, wives, friends, daughters…

Have you ever thought about who would be there to help your loved ones when you will NO LONGER be able to be there for them? Who will help them and take care of them when the pain you experience every day will grow bigger and bigger? When you will be unable to get up from your bed in the morning? What happens when the anxious thoughts will grow more and more unbearable, keeping you paralyzed and curled op on the sofa in the middle of the day?

Here is the big bold truth: SOMEDAY IS NOT ON THE CALENDAR!

Not someday, not tomorrow, not one day when I have more time…..

TODAY is the day you need to pause, look around and make a choice. Do you want to continue living your life in pain? Do you want to wake up sleep deprived and exhausted dreading the morning sun? Do you want to be existing only and not experiencing the true joy and love? Is this how you want to live for the rest of your life?


You may start waking up energized, feeling refreshed and at peace after a good night sleep. You may be laughing and dancing in the kitchen while preparing meal for your family. You may be healthy and pain-free. You may start experiencing all the wonderful things life offers – painting, laughing, playing – and having fun! Someday is not on a calendar, the day you need to start is TODAY.

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