I don’t know what made me look but something made me turn my head and take a discreet glance. I just had this feeling that I was being observed, you know that gut feeling you get when someone is watching you? That’s what I experienced.

An elderly lady who probably came out to enjoy the warm weather, perhaps she was out for an evening stroll and chose to rest on a bench in the park or maybe she had brought her grandchildren to play in the park. Who knows? She sat at a distance as she observed my younger daughter and I playing speedminton – a great alternative to badminton especially in windy weather.

My daughter and I were having a great time, laughing while playing, so much so that a little girl around a year old, stood by and watched the game in total awe and fascination. I needed a break to catch my breath so I asked my older daughter, who had been cartwheeling close by, to take my place in the speedminton game.

As I sat down on a bench close by, I noticed the elderly lady had gotten up and was approaching me. As she came closer, I assumed she wanted to sit down next to me so I slid over and offered her a spot to sit. She declined, politely.

What she said to me next choked me up. She cleared her throat as she said these profound, eye-opening words to me:

“I hope you realize what precious gifts you have. I was looking at you and your kids and I just hope you know how beautiful a family yours is. Some people these days don’t appreciate little things.”

As she uttered these words, her eyes were glistening. She wasn’t crying as such. And I replied to her, my heart filled with gratitude and love:

“Thank you. Yes, I know and I’m really, really grateful for all of it.”

She smiled, nodded and started walking away. I stood there, my heart beaming with love and gratitude. It was at that moment I realized she wasn’t there with her grandchildren, she was there, alone,  just to enjoy a bit of fresh air and sunshine at the end of the day.

The following day, I found myself wondering about the elderly lady. Did she have kids? If yes, how old were they? Did they have kids of their own? Was she a grandmother? Were they happy and did they enjoy the simple things in life? Or were they overwhelmed with the daily struggles of life and due to this, did they miss out on observing the simplicity and beauty of life around them?

I am truly grateful to this elderly lady for reminding me of how far I’ve come in my own life over the last 6 years. If I hadn’t taken the decision to change, I wouldn’t have had the time, today, to take my kids to the park and even if I did, I would be sitting on a bench mulling over all the work that needed to be done at home, projects that hadn’t been finished at work while feeling tired and exhausted all the time.

My face would be in a constant frown. I would be suffocated in all those negative thoughts, constantly questioning myself on how I would pull everything together.  I would be trapped in my incessant negative thought patterns – feeling miserable, stressed, anxious and I would be eager to get home as soon as possible only to end up feeling stressed, anxious and miserable in a place that was supposed to be my solace.

When I think back to meeting the elderly lady and internalising what she said to me, I acknowledge, value and appreciate how far I’ve come. I no longer plan my life and my happiness around the next big thing to happen – the promotion, the vacation, the new house, the new car, losing weight and fitting into my dream outfit.

It really doesn’t work that way and it never will. The best advice I can give from my own experience is this: Don’t spend the rest of your life waiting for something to happen so that you finally feel happy, healthy, and loved. Your life is happening right now, at this very minute. Reverse engineer this and make the decision to be happy first! Then, watch the magic of love, happiness and health pouring into your life.

I am grateful to the elderly lady for reminding me that despite the struggles and negativity I was able to change not only my own energy and emotional well-being but also that of my loved ones. I’m grateful for all the knowledge I have and I am determined to continue my mission to help other women create balance, harmony and love in their lives. If you want to know how I can help you, schedule a call with me today.