Be Your True Self

It’s time to feel…




It’s time to feel…





you have been taught to think about who you need to be

You have worked hard over the years and you have achieved it all. Almost.
Your “perfect-on-paper” life seems perfect from the outside. But on the inside, you feel empty and unhappy.
It feels like you are paying too high of a price for everything you have achieved – YOUR TRUE SELF.

Every morning it becomes harder and harder to get out of bed.
Every night you sleep restlessly.
Your daily emotions range from anger and resentment to guilt. Crippling anxiety is getting the best of you.

You use work, alcohol, or food to escape the feeling of emptiness screaming from inside of you.

For a while you have been feeling that “something has got to change”. For years you have been secretly whispering to yourself “there’s got to be more to life than this”.

Yes, there is.

I help amazing leaders like you drop the ”there is a price to pay for success” deception of our society. I’ll take you beyond “normal” by liberating you from the limitations of your mind and emotions. Your new normal will be a life filled with clarity, passion and joy.


It’s a whole completely different awareness of myself. 

Coming from a medical background, it’s amazing to me to be able to live without medications. I was an OCD workaholic, driven to get to the next thing, thinking the next thing is going to make me happy. Today, I’m satisfied just living life. I got my life back, I don’t take any medications, I feel happiness now, I get to go out and experience life. It’s just amazing.

Robin May

I see myself just being amazing wherever I am, whatever I’m doing. 

My life has been changed forever because I made a commitment to myself to be better than I ever was. Before, my day was planned around my anxiety, my life was an obligation and I was exhausted. Today, everything is an opportunity and I have the energy, the drive, and the passion to make every part of my life an opportunity. I definitely see my business growing and helping people.

I can’t even describe how grateful I am for the program that Daniela put together. She has been the mentor I have been looking for. I’ll be eternally grateful.

Karolyn Emore

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